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About Arta Pty Ltd

Fred, Anke and Sons Burnum Burnum and Olo live on a fully self sufficient solar power system.

Arta's systems are assembled and partly produced in its solar workshop. Welding, drilling cutting, etc works all through an inverter.

The only reason to connect to the grid, would be to feed solar surplus power into it.

We started 20 years ago with one solar panel for lighting. Now we design, install, maintain and repair solar, wind and water energy systems. We have all the necessary accreditations, and can apply for government subsidies on your behalf.

The main thing is, we try to help people to make solar power work for them, planning for the long run.

People invest in their new home for the next generation. Why not invest at the same time in your own electricity? After 20 years you can make a nice birthday present to your children: a free electricity voucher for the rest of their live. And if every one does that we all can guarantee our children a more unpolluted environment.


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