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Further Info and Price Lists

Here you will find information on System Components and Prices, Along with links to articles and documents for further information.


Current Price Lists

ArtaSolar Price list in MS Word format

More info and prices on the Glockemann Pump in MS Word format.

Solar pump technical sheet and Price lists in Excel Format

View the Mr Inverter Price List

True Sine Wave Intervter price list in MS Word Format

Rota Loo Pricelist price list in MS Word Format



Unisolar Performance Article - in MS Word Format

Unisolar Performace comparison for hot climates

Unisolar - The great solar powered outback escape

Typical Solar System Layout Diagram - in MS Word Format

Article on Planning a Solar System - in MS Word Format

Solar Demand Calculation Sheet - in Excel Format

PV Test Article - in MS Word Format

Outdoor Performance of Triple Stacked PV Module - in MS Word Format

Article on monitoring after installation - in PDF format

Wind Machines, detailed overview of Wind Turbines - in PDF format

Solar Guerrilla, urban guerrilla's installing a solar system... - Download in PDF format



Government Greenhouse Page -






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