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Here we offer you opinions and hints

  • We are very impressed with an installation of a Whisper H80 wind generator near Bombala where we replaced a wind damaged SOMA generator for a customer. The H80 performs very well. See a picture at the right
  • The Day After Tomorrow -a movie which at last brings our Global Warming Reality a bit closer to everyone. Here a very informative sites:

  • What is the best car to run? Arta always had LPG converted petrol engines, but now we know:
    is a much better answer to drive a car environmentally conscious, economical and sustainable. So we planned to produce biodiesel ourselves and if successful, we wanted to produce and sell it to interested parties locally.
  • BUT Biodiesel has got now an excise of 37 cents per litre "THANKS" to the Howard Government and exemption to 2010 cuts out small producers.
  • So we converted our Mazda Bravo 2500 turbo diesel to run straight on used and filtered (5 Micron) cooking oil from the Pizza Take Away in Sharp St and the Cooma Fish shop near the park. So this is the place to eat when you come to Cooma next, thank you for your contribution to ARTAs fuel
  • We have tested Megapulse Battery conditioners and are convinced that they have an adverse effect to sulphation of lead acid batteries. We fit Megapulse units to each battery bank in our new systems.
    BUT we have found that they emit a high spectrum of electrical noise, which can interfere with radio reception and sometimes with the operation of the regulator if mounted to close

  • Glockemann pumps develop all the time. Ask for the latest experiences, new designs, ideas.


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