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Solar Energy Solutions

One Kilowatt per square metre is the intensity of power from the sun. Solar electricity systems can convert part of this power to electricity we need. Make an investment and reap the rewards, after your installation you save money because you are no longer paying for electricity!

Examples for savings with Solar:

• Remote area house electricity
• Grid interactive Solar in the City
• Roof integrated Solar modules
• Solar pumping
• Solar Hot water
• Solar battery chargers
• Solar electric fence
• High efficient solar lighting

Are you an Owner Builder?

By investing in an energy efficient house and renewable energy systems you will save yourself a great deal of money in the long run.

  • A Solar Hot Water System pays back within 7 years and saves money for at least 18 years afterwards.
  • Roof integrated and grid interactive Solar Power Generation attracts currently a rebate from the Government. The initial high costs are paid back within 10 – 20 years.
  • Solar lights for garden, shed, garage and security ease you installation and running costs.

Click to download the full Owner Builder Document

Solar Pump Systems

Solar pumps range from large self sufficent irrigation and household supply systems, to smaller systems for garden water features such as fountains or waterfalls. The pumps require no external power supply all the energy is taken from the sun.


On the farm there is a range of applications for which Natural Energy is a great solution. As mentioned solar pumps can be used for irrigation, Solar Electric fencing, Solar battery charging, Solar house or shed power and more.


Solar power can provide you with all your low power needs.

  • Boating - lighting, automatic bilge pumps and battery charging
  • Caravans / Camping - independant electricity needs, lights, radio, fridge
  • Outdoors - small battery charges etc

Combination Solar Water Wind

Where possible a combination of all Natural Energy sources is preferred and proves the most reliable and cost effective supply of Electricity.


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